8 Best Powerlifting Home Gym Equipment [2023 Guide]

If you are searching for the best powerlifting home gym equipment, we’ve got you covered. In today’s buying guide, we will share the top recommended equipment you need to buy today.

The primary advantages of setting up a powerlifting gym at home are that it can save you money, provide you more flexibility in terms of when you can exercise, and allow you to customize your workouts to what you enjoy the most.

To promote overall physical fitness, CrossFit combines aerobic training, bodyweight-based activity, and Olympic weightlifting.

A successful workout regimen requires a constant range of functional activities, and there is a variety of equipment to assist you to include it in your home workouts. The ideal gear is adaptable and high-quality.

Top 8 Best Powerlifting Home Gym Equipment

Whether you’re looking for a plyometric box, kettlebells, battle ropes, or anything else, it’s critical to find equipment that matches your skill level while also challenging you.

You should also think about how long the product will last and how easy it will be to store. With these attributes in mind, we looked into popular items.

You’ll need gym equipment for powerlifting in your own home gym. To name a few of the most important, there are:

Without wasting much time, let us get right into it.

1.     Rogue 28mm IWF Olympic Weightlifting Bar – Barbell for Weight Lifting

Best Powerlifting Home Gym EquipmentIt is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can buy, with applications ranging from front squats to shoulder presses and deadlifts.

If you’ve been doing powerlifting for a long time, you’ve probably been exposed to some of the more advanced movements.

The Olympic-style lifts may appear impossible at first, but they don’t require much practice. You can even acclimate to The Snatch in a few sessions if you employ a low-weight load.

With the help of a weightlifting fitness tracker, you can easily track your weightlifting development.

However, to accomplish exercises properly, you should consider Olympic barbells, such as the 20kg Rogue Olympic WL Bar, which I see in many gyms these days.

It’s ideal for professional use, as it is 7 feet long and comes with or without a center knurl. Starting with a good bar and weightlifting shoes will make a huge difference in your ability to succeed.


  • 7 feet long.
  • Center knurl.
  • Weightlifting shoes.


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2.      Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plate – Bumper Plates and Collars Set 

Best Powerlifting Home Gym EquipmentSome people will find that a basic barbell will suffice for many exercises in their home gym, but as their fitness and strength develop, they will need to add weights.

You will undoubtedly need to add a lot of weight, especially for techniques like squats and deadlifts.

I would recommend investing in bumper plate sets and plate storage and do not underestimate the sizes you will require.

The good news is that you can get matching bumper plates for the aforementioned barbell, which range in weight from 5 to 45 pounds.

To make it easier to choose the proper bumper plates, they are also available in bare metal or painted in various colors. Do not forget to dress up the bumper plates with some collars as well. Always put safety first.


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3.      Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 – Power Rack

ROGUE RM-4 MONSTER RACK 2.0One thing I usually advise is to leave enough room in your home gym for a power rack to be built.

As you gain strength, you will be able to add more weight to your squats, and many squat motions will become difficult, if not impossible, to perform without the capacity to properly rest the barbell.

Rogue Fitness has one of the most extensive selections, so make sure to look at the ones that fit your budget.

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars. A wall-mounted power rack that doubles as a pull-up bar can be had for a few hundred dollars. Take a look at these low-cost power rack solutions.

If you need more help with pull-ups or muscle-ups, you can use a smith machine.


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4.      Rogue R-3 Power Rack – Best Squat Rack

Best Crossfit Equipment for Home GymThe squat rack is one of the most commonly utilized pieces of gym equipment since it allows you to perform a variety of exercises such as pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, and bar muscle-ups.

You need a squat rack that can handle everything and still move. The Rogue R-3 Power Rack is a compact squat rack that is stable for any movement (when attached to the ground).

Rogue is recognized for their meticulous attention to detail, and the R-3 Power Rack is no exception. Everything is thoroughly thought out, from the welds to the powder coat to the hole spacing.

There’s no better choice for a home gym than the Rogue R-3 Power Rack, which has been put through hundreds of sessions. It’s possible to upgrade to thicker steel tube, although it’s not necessary.

Many of Rogue’s accessories are compatible with the R-3 Power Rack, and because of the thinner steel tubing, they’re frequently less expensive than the monster-lite and monster accessories.

The Titan T-3 Power Rack is the best budget squat rack if you want a cheaper squat rack with the same capabilities as the Rogue R-3. Titan Fitness takes all of Rogue’s best features and wraps them up in a less glitzy and less pricey package.

Despite its reduced price (especially when shipping is taken into account), the Titan T-3 is a fantastic power rack that can handle whatever you throw at it. The Titan T-3 vs. Rogue R-3 Power Rack was tested and compared, and while we liked the R-3, the T-3 is a solid rival for the budget-conscious.

There are also a variety of attachments available for the T-3 rack, such as dip handles and plate storage (4 posts come standard with the rack.) It’s also worth mentioning that, when compared to Rogue Fitness, their accessories are priced similarly to their racks.

The Rogue SML-2 is an excellent squat stand that is capable enough for nearly every CrossFit workout if you don’t have place for a power rack or don’t want to anchor the unit to the floor.

After three years of utilizing the SML-2 in various workouts, we can firmly suggest it to anyone who is unable to affix a rack to the ground.

The Rogue SML-2 is made of 33 steel tubing and includes all of the characteristics that Rogue fans have come to expect, such as Westside Hole Spacing and a high-quality powder finish.

If the base is weighted down with sandbags or plates, the SML-2 also incorporates a pull-up bar that is perfect for kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups. Spotter arms for the SML-2 can be purchased to aid prevent injury during maximal work alone. Something we strongly advise anyone training alone to do.


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5.      Rogue Bar 2.0 – Best Barbell

Best Powerlifting Home Gym EquipmentOne of the most popular barbells in the world is the Rogue Bar 2.0. The Rogue Bar 2.0 can perform for practically every movement or training method imaginable, thanks to Rogue Fitness’ attention to detail, excellent customer service, and massive production power.

A barbell with 190k PSI tensile strength steel, a bushing rotating mechanism, and a high-quality knurl with a lifetime warranty cost approximately $1,000 not long ago.

Because of the rise in home gym owners and the popularity of CrossFit, there are now an almost infinite number of high-quality CrossFit barbells available for under $300.

The Fringe Sport Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell is a more than capable quality barbell from a brand with an outstanding reputation in the CrossFit training arena.

The Fringe Sport Wonder Bar is made of 205k PSI steel with a 28mm shaft and a black zinc coating on the shaft and sleeves.

The Rogue Bar 2.0 is a step up from the Wonder Bar and others, but for most trainees, the smaller 28mm shaft and black zinc coating on the sleeves are insufficient.

The Wonder Bar comes with a lifetime warranty, and while we don’t think Fringe Sport is as capable of honoring warranties as Rogue Fitness, we trust them. Simply put, the Wonder Bar from Fringe Sport is a solid barbell at a great price, priced at $200.

Rogue Fitness’ Ohio Bar and Rogue Bar 2.0 are very comparable bars. As a result of the reduced price point for what is effectively the same bar, we recommend the Rogue Bar 2.0. If money isn’t an issue and you want a bar that will stand up to corrosion, we recommend the stainless steel version of Rogue Fitness’ Ohio Bar as a step up from our top option.

For Powerlifting, the majority of people do not need to spend $1000 on a barbell, and the benefits of stainless steel are not significantly better than regular barbell steel.

If you’re searching for a general-purpose barbell and the increased cost isn’t a concern for you, stainless steel’s corrosion resistance and greater knurling (due to no coating) are fantastic to have.

The Cap Barbell OB-86B is widely considered to be one of the greatest Olympic barbells available for less than $200. Although the OB-86Black lacks some of the qualities of our other selections, such as a high-quality knurl, minimum 190K PSI tensile strength steel, and lifetime guarantees, it’s a decent CrossFit bar for under $150 (it can sometimes be bought for less during specials).

The OB-86B from Cap Barbell has polished steel sleeves and a black oxide treated shaft. The knurling is a little rough, and the spin is average, but that’s to be expected for the price.

The OB-86B is an excellent bar for personal usage, with nearly 500 Amazon reviews and an aggregate rating of 4.5/5 stars. The OB-86B falls into the “beater bar” category, and if you don’t want to damage your more costly bars, this could be the ideal dedicated rack and landmine bar to add to your barbell armory.


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6.      Fringesport Bumper Plates – Best Bumper Plates

Best Powerlifting Home Gym EquipmentThere are several options for Powerlifting, but the Fringesport Bumper Plates, in our opinion, are the ideal bumper plates for most people.

The Fringe Sport Bumper Plates are the best value available, with a novel construction, high-quality virgin rubber, and easy-to-see weight labeling.

Fringe Sport has made it their aim to develop the greatest bumper plates available, which they do by molding a central collar into the rubber rather than adding it after the molding process (as most firms do), resulting in fewer broken plates.

You can even drop the ten-pound plates from above without any difficulty. These are the best for the money and are utilized by many CrossFit Affiliates all over the world.

The Titan Bumper Plates are what we recommend if you just want an inexpensive pair of bumper plates to figure out if you want to keep working out at home or don’t have the money.

They are simple plates that will give you somewhat accurate weight measurements and should withstand most workouts. Due to the widespread usage of bumper plates in most powerlifting exercises, we recommend investing more money in a decent barbell and a good rack and then sacrificing in other areas.

Despite the fact that these bumper plates should last for years, Titan Fitness advises that they are not designed to withstand being dropped or thrown to the ground. Titan Fitness’ warranty is also limited to one year and is at Titan Fitness’ discretion.


  • Virgin rubber.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Novel construction.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Good warranty.


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7.      Rogue Fitness Kettlebells – Best Kettlebells

best portable kettlebellRogue Fitness has one of the greatest kettlebells on the market. There are a few firms who sell this exact same kettlebell, however when shipping is taken into account, Rogue wins the majority of the time (including those selling on Amazon!).

The Rogue Fitness Kettlebells are the same ones used in the CrossFit Games, and they’re great for swings, snatches clean, and building grip strength.

The surface has a nice feel to it, especially when using chalk, and it’s far superior to the epoxy finish found on many lower-cost kettlebells.

The handle is cast in the same mold as the bell, ensuring that there is minimal to no risk of disconnection (something often seen in cheaper kettlebells.)

Fringe Sport is one of the more affordable options, yet much of their equipment is of high quality. This is exemplified by their kettlebells.

The texture of the kettlebell, for example, is unique to Fringe Sport and works equally well with or without chalk. Their kettlebells are guaranteed to be within their weight ranges, and practically all of their equipment, including their kettlebells, comes with free shipping.

Fringe Sport has a reputation for excellent customer service and a willingness to deal with clients through warranty or return concerns, comparable to Rogue.

The majority of individuals will desire at least one 53-pound kettlebell, which Fringe Sport sells for $79 delivered. No matter where you shop, that’s tough to top.


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8.      Rogue Froning Series Medball – Best Medicine Ball

Best Powerlifting Home Gym EquipmentIf you’re a Powerlifter, you’ll need a 20-pound medicine ball at the very least. A 30 pound would also be beneficial if you wish to participate, as they frequently appear at Regionals and the Games.

To perform the Open workouts, you’ll need at least a 16-pound medicine ball if you’re a girl. The XD Medicine Balls are the most durable medicine balls we’ve ever used. They have a robust and gripping outer shell made of DuPont Kevlar interlaced with the fiber.

In CrossFit, the medicine ball is utilized for everything from wall balls to med ball cleans, and it’s also frequently used as a mobility tool.

The tougher a piece of equipment is, the more it will be utilized, and no medicine ball is tougher than the XD Fit medical balls. However, if you decide to buy a large number of them, they might be pretty costly.

Fringe Sport has gone through four iterations of its medicine balls, with the most recent one being the best. To keep all of the contents within, it includes a PVC shell and double stitch lacing. To avoid lumps from forming within the ball, the weight is packed solidly and evenly. The ball comes with a one-year warranty from Fringe Sport, which is quite normal.

The graphics on the Fringe Sport Med Balls are a digital camouflage that makes them stand out from the crowd while yet looking clean. These medicine balls aren’t as robust as our top option, but for home usage, they should last for years.

However, we wouldn’t recommend using them as slam balls because they can become lumpy quickly.


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Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Powerlifting Home Gym Equipment

These factors include:


Powerlifting workouts are diverse. If you want to add to your home gym, choosing equipment that can help you accomplish a wide range of WODs and classic CrossFit motions is a fantastic option. Plyo boxes, kettlebells, and adjustable dumbbells are great options because they can be used for a variety of different exercises and combinations.


Weightlifting exercises are noted for their speed and power. As a result, the value of safety cannot be emphasized enough.

Choose sturdy, non-slip, and heavy-duty equipment. It’s also a good idea to aim for quality over quantity so that your equipment lasts longer and is more cost effective in the long run.


Consider equipment that will fit into the storage space you have available. Powerlifting equipment that travels easily is also a good choice if you like to complete your exercises outside or on the go. Good examples include battle ropes, parallette bars, and a jump rope. If you are searching for larger pieces of equipment, such as an air bike or plyo boxes, seek for ones that can simply fold or stack.


In order to give you an idea of what is available and what kinds of prices you can get, we urge you to buy products from Amazon.

Other considerable resources include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, LetGo, etc. Depending on your region and your willingness to be patient, you can generally get extremely good bargains on used steel plates.

Consider your present level of training, your training objectives, and your incredibly essential budget before going all-out on every piece of equipment you can find.

It is not all necessary at once. To get going, you only need the necessities. After that, you can add anything you think is right for you and your powerlifting gym.

We hope that this post helped you to get the best powerlifting home gym equipment. You can also check out the best CrossFit equipment for home gym.

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