5 Best Leg Press Machines in 2023

This article is a thorough buying guide for the best leg press machine. It is meant to assist you by giving you all the information you might need to select the ideal equipment for your home gym.

I’ve provided concise summaries of this article’s top five leg press machines, which I heartily endorse. Based on different budgets and different needs for training, I have chosen each to serve a particular group of trainers.

A leg press machine is equipment that allows you to perform leg presses. Leg presses, which isolate the legs and involve less hip extension and flexion than barbell squats, are akin to that exercise. It is useful for people with a restricted range of motion who cannot perform a traditional squat because it adds volume to leg workouts.

Leg presses exert great force, so you need equipment that can withstand substantial loads and powerful muscles. The leg press can be done standing, sitting, supine, or vertically.

The large, seated leg press machines common in gyms are probably the ones you know best. These are the industry standard, have heavy-duty construction and weight capacities, and are designed to support various body types. But not everyone can use them.

Fortunately, a sizable market for leg press machines can be used at home. These devices are made to meet all the requirements of a conventional, commercial machine but in a more compact, home-friendly form.

5 Best Leg Press Machines In 2023

Our ranking of the best five leg press machines is provided below. To ensure you can find the best tool for your needs at home, we’ve selected the best piece of equipment based on several criteria.

#1 Leg Press Machine In 2023:  Bodycraft F660 Leg Press/Hip Sled

Bodycraft leg press machine


Since it excels at what it does best—making your lower body a force to be reckoned with—hack Bodycraft’s squat slash leg press combo takes first place in our “best on Amazon” poll by a significant margin.

The industrial-grade linear bearings are undoubtedly the machine’s most crucial component and its heart. Thanks to the clever design, you can exercise longer and more intensely without being concerned about the system breaking down. Every time you enter the room, you receive the same performance. With premium materials, it can withstand damage and continue functioning for its lifetime.

This leg press machine is for you if adjustability and utility are important to you. Thanks to the adjustable squat shoulder pads, lower and upper footplates, and removable calf block, you’ll feel like the machine was built just for you. It takes little time to get used to the leg press and starts focusing on your workout rather than ironing out the kinks.

It is simple; depending on your goals, you can remove the 3″ calf block, perform calf raises and squats using the donkey squat pad, or use different footplate angles. You can gain support and increase overall stability by using the grips on both sides.

You receive a high-end machine for the asking price. The back pad even has lumbar support to prevent spine compression and can support a maximum weight of one thousand pounds. All pads are double-stitched and stuffed with high-density foam to avoid easy separation.


  • Combines a hack squat and leg press in one
  • Industrial-grade linear bearings last a lifetime


  • Currently out of stock

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#2 Leg Press Machine in 2023: Powertec Leg Press

Man using leg press machine


Amazon occasionally produces a quality item or tool you might have overlooked. Powertec’s underappreciated, but excellent leg press is deserving of praise. It has a diagonal design for an effective and precise weight and large pistons. In addition, the apparatus has a more compact footprint that fits in tight spaces while supporting up to 1000 pounds.

This is not the case despite being described as a vertical leg press machine. Unlike the 90-degree leg press machine, also known as the vertical leg press, the Powertec leg press machine has an angle greater than a 45-degree angle.

The Powertec leg press machine is well-made and has a 1,000 lb maximum weight capacity. Four heavy-duty stainless steel horns that can hold almost all Olympic weight plates you might have in your home gym are included with your purchase.


  • The diagonal design is efficient and compact
  • Solid lifetime warranty
  • Multiple-weight horns for full capacity
  • Massive footplate


  • A single-beam frame may seem unstable

#3Leg Press Machine of 2023: Titan Fitness Vertical Leg Press

Man using vertical leg press machine


This Amazon discovery is an absolute steal at this price point and has plenty of power. The Titan Fitness Vertical Leg Press is made to be incredibly small but powerful enough to carry you through the majority of leg exercises.

This is the second vertical leg press to rank among our top 10. Titan Fitness gear typically indicates that you’re getting a high-quality item that will last. This vertical leg press machine has three weight horns that can accommodate Olympic weight plates and has four different starting positions.

You can shift the weight from your shoulders and lower back to your leg muscles using the vertical leg press. Even though it is made of 11 gauge steel, it can only support 400 lbs at its maximum weight. That being said, unless you’re a competitor at World’s Strongest Man, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be performing a 400 lb vertical leg press anytime soon.

The back pad’s thick padding is made for maximum comfort. Ergonomic rubber grips are on both

to help you get in and out of position.

Ultimately, this vertical leg press machine will give you a tough leg workout without using too much valuable space and won’t break the bank either.


  • Extra compact design fits nearly any space
  • Four adjustable starting heights
  • Diamond-plated footplate for grip


  • Low weight capacity
  • Very small footplate

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#4 Leg Press Machine of 2023: Body-Solid Powerline Vertical Leg Press

Vertical leg press machine


Most leg press machines are positioned horizontally or at an angle and typically occupy a fair amount of space. Vertical leg press machines, on the other hand, are more portable and still deliver an excellent workout. Our choice for the best leg press machine in the vertical category, the Body Solid Powerline Vertical Leg Press, accomplishes exactly that.

This is an illustration of the high-quality fitness equipment produced by Body Solid. It is compact enough to move easily and has plenty of space for weight plates.

This is a basic machine if you want to work on your vertical leg presses. It is constructed of dependable alloy steel and can support 400 lbs. Additionally, there are three different starting and stopping positions “pins made of steel for security.

To avoid slipping, use the footplate with diamond plating. The machine has nice safety features, but one drawback to being aware of is that the three weight plate holders have 1″Olympic-sized weight plate adapters that must be separately purchased because they have a diameter that fits standard plates.

Overall, Body Solid is a well-known brand in the fitness equipment industry, and they sell a high-end vertical leg press machine for a reasonable cost.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Multiple start heights
  • 10-year warranty


  • Very small footplate
  • 400 lb. weight capacity

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#5 Leg Press Machine of 2023:  Body Solid Slp500 Leg Press

Man doing leg presses on a leg press machine


Cable machines are a good substitute for machines that use plates. With their cable leg press, Body Solid has produced yet another top-notch leg press for this list.

A commercial leg press machine with a limited range of motion or who cannot use devices with plates is the Body Solid SLP500 Leg Press. Trainers who work with numerous clients or gym owners will also find this ideal.

This leg press machine employs a weight stack and cable system rather than the Olympic weight plates used by every other device on the list. With its nylon-coated cable and aircraft-grade steel cables, the horizontal leg press enables friction-free movement so you can target your leg muscles with even, steady resistance. This leg press machine has a 2:1 cable ratio and offers various weight stack total capacity options.

The adjustable DuraFirm back pad provides maximum comfort and durability. When performing leg presses or calf raises, the press plates have two positions to accommodate users of various sizes.

This leg press machine is the best in the cable category and comes with a lifetime warranty for use at home.


  • Cables offer a smooth range of motion with constant tension
  • Dual warranties for personal or commercial use
  • Durable pads and large footplate for frequent use


  • Low load capacity (555 lb)
  • The large footprint is not ideal for small spaces

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Leg Press Machine

Before purchasing a leg press machine for home use, consider these factors.


The angles of each type of leg press machine’s workouts are the main distinction between them. A horizontal leg press typically maintains your back at a primarily straight angle, whereas 45-degree leg press machines keep it at a 40 to 45-degree angle. The type of leg press machine you choose depends on which variety is most comfortable for you. All leg press machines offer the same benefits—working out and strengthening your lower body.


When purchasing fitness equipment for use at home, significantly larger items like leg press machines, space is one of the most crucial considerations for home gym owners. Make sure the device you want to buy will fit in your workout area by taking accurate measurements and ensuring it has at least five feet on each side to give you enough room to exercise. If your home gym is overcrowded, you may be limited in the types of exercises you can perform and may even find it challenging to maintain proper form.


You can better position your feet at the most comfortable width with a larger footplate. You’ll have less room to work with if your leg press machine has a smaller footplate. A leg press machine with a larger footplate is essential if you have larger feet to ensure that you can perform leg press exercises properly. You can perform calf raises on any seated leg press machine, but a larger footplate can make that possible.

Place your feet at the footplate’s bottom and let your heels dangle while maintaining a shoulder-width distance between your feet to perform calf raises. Then, press to achieve a calf raise as you would with a standard leg press.


When choosing a leg press machine for home use, comfort should come first. Leg press machines are expensive, so you should ensure you feel comfortable using any equipment you purchase before investing. Look for leg press machines with built-in ergonomic features, padded backrests, and extra-large footplates to make your workout more enjoyable. Additionally, if your leg press machine hurts your body, you might be less likely to use it, which means you won’t get your money’s worth.

Weight Range

If you’re a heavy lifter, look for a leg press machine with a weight range of at least 1,000 pounds. If your body is accustomed to training with heavy weight loads, this will help ensure that your workouts remain challenging and that you’re lifting enough weight to activate your leg muscles. Leg press maximum weight ranges typically go up to 400 pounds, give or take a few, so more average or lighter lifters can probably get by with them.


It’s crucial to spend money on a durable leg press machine. While a less expensive purchase may save you money in the short term, if it lacks features or construction that encourage durability, like a heavy-duty steel frame, you may replace your leg press machine more frequently. Even when a better-built product is initially more expensive, investing in it can sometimes save you money over time. Durability helps prevent injury because a malfunctioning machine could hurt or make you uncomfortable.

Lower Back Support

It’s essential to have good lower back support, especially if you frequently experience low back pain or have previous back injuries. To make leg press exercises more comfortable on the body, look for a machine with a soft or padded backrest. You can also find a leg press angle on a device with an adjustable hip sled that won’t hurt your back. To adjust the angle to your needs, look for machines with a broader range of adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Do leg presses help lose belly fat?

Combine weight training with cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet for optimum weight loss. The leg press machine concentrates more on the lower body than the core, and you can’t target-reduce belly fat specifically.

2) How often per week should you do leg presses?

If you’re using a full-body program, you can only perform several sets on the leg press machine thrice a week. Once or twice should be sufficient if you’re using an individual split for your training.


Buying a leg press machine is a great investment if you want to work your lower body effectively at home. Leg presses are a tried-and-true way to tone your thighs, especially your quads, and they can also help you look like you have slimmer thighs, especially if you combine them with time spent on a cardio machine. Leg press machines aren’t cheap, but they’re a reliable investment that lets you press hundreds of pounds, making them excellent for strength training.

Still, it can be challenging to find a product that’s right for you among the many leg press machines and varieties on the market. Consult our list of the top leg press machines before deciding to learn more about our top choices, their unique qualities, and how they stack up against the competition.

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