2023 Best Budget Friendly Rower | Affordable Rowing Machine

The Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine is the best budget friendly rower available today. This affordable rowing machine is loaded with impressive features, allowing you to use it for both low and high- intensity workouts. 

To create calorie deficits and lose weight, you must gradually lengthen your sessions by several minutes, just like with any repetitive exercise. 

To increase your tolerance and continue to work toward your weight reduction goal, add 10 minutes to each session each week once you feel you have perfected your current session length.

Best Affordable Rowing Machine for 2023(Best Budget Friendly Rower)

It might be challenging to choose a rowing machine because everyone has different demands and preferences. However, the Fitness Reality Magnetic rowing machine stands out because it is affordable, but does not compromise on quality.

Let us look at the important features of this rowing machine

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Best Budget Friendly Rower


The Fitness Reality 1000 magnetic rower is a fantastic, affordable option. It provides a high-quality rower in a small, low frame. Due to the low front frame, the Fitness Reality 1000 takes up less room even in operation than some other small rowers.

Additionally, the bar may be positioned at various angles, effectively converting the

into an all-in-one home exerciser.

The tranquil rowing experience provided by the magnetic resistance and nylon belt makes it perfect for exercises at home.

It can be folded up easily for storage, but as we’ve talked about with many “folding” rowers, they actually take up more floor room than rowers like the LIT Method, Ergatta, and CityRow Go that can be stored vertically. These brands remain unmatched in terms of space-saving design when not in use.

To enjoy immersive home exercises, the Fitness Reality 1000 has a device holder that allows you to stream fitness workouts (like iFIT) or other more general apps like FiiT or Peloton.


Anyone looking for a high-quality rower at a lower cost may choose the Fitness Reality 1000. It doesn’t have as many functions as some smart house rowers or the Concept2, but it still offers a straightforward piece of cardio equipment that naturally folds up and is compact in design.

Pros & Cons

  • Ability to work out the entire body.
  • Affordable, portable home rowing equipment
  • Even when in use, low frame for small spaces
  • It does not have a solid or resilient frame like other expensive rowers.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity was said to be subpar by some users.


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