The 5 Best All in One Home Gym Machines for 2023

Are you looking for the best all in one home gym machine for your workouts? Finding an all in one home gym machine might be challenging, given the many available alternatives.

The most excellent all in one gym home gym machine should be capable of replacing an entire gym’s worth of equipment with just one “does it all” piece of equipment.

Regardless of your budget, we have hand-selected the top home gyms in this roundup for 2023.

We examined home gyms in every price range, from the most affordable to the most expensive and professional models.

Let’s go through a few things that will give you more confidence that you are buying the right home gym for your goals before we go to our top recommendations and reviews.

This article refers to a home gym as an all-in-one gym machine, a single piece of equipment that lets you perform various exercises without needing additional apparatus.

All-in-one options have a plethora of benefits for furnishing your home gym. Compared to various gym machines with only a few different functions, they are also more affordable over time because you receive a lot of functionality for your money.

5 Best Five All In One Home Gym Machines

In this post, we’ll examine five of the top all-in-one gym machines on the market. To determine which best meets your needs, we’ll examine their features, pros, cons, and factors before purchasing one.

Everyone has options, from low-cost alternatives to premium versions with cutting-edge features. So let’s dig in and see what these incredible machines can do!

1.      Xmark Functional Trainer – Best Overall

All in one home gym machine

Anyone who regularly visits the gym or is passionate about fitness must know the advantages of using a cable machine. They are a requirement in nearly every gym. The framework of this device is quite substantial and incorporates adjustable cable pulleys. The wires provide Resistance, allowing you to execute many workouts in various directions.

The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine deserves particular note among the cable machines available on the market. The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine may be the best gym equipment you will ever own if you’re seeking a high-end system for your house.

The apparatus has two stacks. The pulleys can be adjusted in every way. The device is helpful for various workouts because of its numerous attachments. Each pile weighs 200 lbs. Using this extra Resistance, you can modify the workout’s intensity to suit your preferences.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Fully adjustable pulleys
  • Stacks of 200 lb weights
  • Pull-up bar
  • Some contained extras


  • Assembling may be difficult.
  • Weight changes are not included

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2.      Marcy MD-9010G Smith Combo

Man using an all in one home gym machine

The Marcy is a superb home gym and unquestionably the most adaptable, especially for the price.

It can meet the requirements of an experienced learner just as well as a novice. If you are committed to your training, Marcy won’t disappoint you.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage Combo offers a ton of all-in-one equipment at a reasonable cost. This equipment provides a remarkable blend of adaptability and commercial-grade gym build quality compared to other pieces of equipment.

Heavy-duty, diamond-pattern striker/foot plates are used on the Smith cage uprights and seated row foot plates. High-quality steel was used in the machine’s construction, and thick welds and connecting bolts will ensure years of trouble-free use.

Triceps rope, Lat Bar, Shiver Bar, Chrome Row Handle, and 2 Single Handles for cable workouts are some practical extras included with the Marcy Diamond Elite.

The apparatus also has a leg extension/curl attachment that serves as the handle for the preacher curl.

This equipment is an all-in-one home gym with a wide range of uses.

Compound workouts, isolation exercises, and cable exercises can all be performed with the Smith Machine thanks to its unique combination with a robust cable system.

A sliding pull-knob on a chrome track, modeled like those seen in commercial gyms, makes it simple and quick to change the back pad’s angle.

The focus was drawn to a better range of motion when performing leg workouts, employing the leg developer attachment with a particularly tilted pivot bar.

Marcy rates the capacity of their cable pulley resistance system as 2000 lbs. You can train as hard as possible since it uses an aircraft-quality cable.


  • Removable Adjustable Bench
  • Perform Over 100 Bodybuilding Exercises
  • Smoother Exercise Movement
  • Built-in Olympic Weight Racks
  • Heavy Duty Cables


  • No selectorized weight stack
  • Regular Lubrication

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3.      Bowflex PR3000

Woman doing tricep extensions on all in one home gym machine

The Bowflex PR3000 employs a novel power rod resistance system that provides up to 210 pounds (95 kg) of Resistance without needing a floor-strain-inducing weight stack. This implies that the machine is also incredibly versatile.

The power rods’ elastic properties offer a particular type of variable resistance training. When your muscles are weakest, the workout becomes more accessible and gets harder as you get closer to the finish line. This exercise will efficiently stimulate your muscles through the entire range of activities.

The Bowflex PR3000 is a well-built machine with a rating to accommodate people weighing up to 300 lbs.

With the PR3000, you can carry out more than 50 strength-building exercises, including two popular mass-builders: lat pulldowns and vertical bench presses.

Your home gym floor needs to be 100 by 78 inches for the Bowflex PR-3000. Compared to the machine’s capabilities, that is a comparatively modest space.

The Bowflex no cable change design makes switching between exercises simple.

The PR-3000 comes with simple, easy-to-follow instructions and is quick and straightforward to assemble.

When constructed, the PR-3000 weighs less than 130 lbs (60 kg), making it a relatively lightweight machine. This multi-gym can be moved to a new site with ease if necessary. With the PR-3000, placement is also not a problem; any floor can readily accommodate this multi-gym.

It’s an excellent addition that the seat can be removed so you may exercise standing up.


  • Variable resistance training
  • Sturdy
  • No weight stack
  • No cable change needed
  • Easy assembly


  • Can’t Do Leg Curls With Both Legs

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4.      Body-Solid EXM2500S

All in one home gym machine

The Body-Solid EXM2500S is a highly robust device. It doesn’t have a fancy appearance; instead, it has the appearance of vintage exercise equipment. Body-Solid produces high-quality, commercial-grade fitness equipment, demonstrating its expertise.

The EXM2500S will withstand the most challenging workout since it is built with 2″x4″ 12 gauge high tensile strength steel and military-spec wires.

The cables are encased in a protective nylon casing for increased durability. The protective powder coat finish on the multi-gym frame is scratch, chip, and peel resistant, so the EXM2500S will maintain its good looks even after many years of use.

The EXM2500S can withstand whatever you throw in your home gym, making it durable enough to be used in a professional fitness club.

For a smooth, frictionless motion, all pulleys rotate on steel bearings. Less friction means that your home gym will last longer, the pulleys will last longer, and the weights will move more quickly.

The thick, well-padded cushions in this multi-gym use Body-patented solid DuraFirm Technology for comfort and durability. The lumbar support curve on the backrest pad is cozy and reliable. Sitting comfortably with your back supported allows you to exercise.

With 210 lbs of weight divided into 10 lbs plates, the EXM2500S’s selectorized weight stack is robust (2.25 kg). You can quickly change the weight between workouts and go light or heavy in modest increments.


  • Heavy-duty support pads
  • Toughly built
  • Steel Bearing Pullies


  • It takes up a lot of space

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5.      Bowflex Xtreme 2SE

Man doing seated bicep curls on all in one home gym machine

The resistance system used by the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE is unique. The conventional weight stack doesn’t provide Resistance. As a result, the machine is incredibly compact and small.

Compared to the Body-Solid EXM2500S, it is substantially smaller. This machine is the best in its price range if space is a concern. If Bowflex’s exclusive resistance mechanism doesn’t disappoint you, this is a fantastic machine.

Over 70 distinct workouts are offered with the Xtreme 2SE, which is more than most home gyms can supply.

The pull-ups and chin-ups, the two most fundamental exercises for increasing mass, are enhanced by using the lat tower. This choice increases the adaptability of this home gym machine.

In contrast to equipment that employs standard weight stacks, the Xtreme 2SE uses a power rod system that offers variable resistance training.

In that, it offers less Resistance in the weakest region of the workout range of motion but greater tension in the more vital part. It is similar to training with elastic resistance bands. This variable, Resistance, is excellent since it provides the right stimulus throughout an exercise.

The Xtreme 2SE has up to 210 lbs (95 kg) of Resistance right out of the box. By purchasing more Bowflex power rods, the overall Resistance can be increased up to 410 lbs.

The Bowflex power rod resistance system has two benefits over conventional weight stacks. The first is the variable Resistance that was previously discussed. The second is that because there is no weight stack, the machine is substantially lighter than home gyms that use weights and is, therefore, simple to move to different positions as needed. Only around 8 feet by 7 feet of floor area is required.

With the customizable design, you may perform over ten leg exercises, including squats.

You may perform crunches and other abdominal exercises with increased Resistance for a more intense ab workout thanks to the included pulley bar and abdominal training harness.

Use the hand grips and wrist cuffs provided to carry out a variety of isolation and complex workouts.


  • Up to 410 lbs of Resistance
  • Built-in Pull and Chin-Up Bar
  • No Weight Stack
  • Wide Range Of Exercise Options


  • The Resistance Feels Different

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Factors To Consider Before Buying An All In One Home Gym Machine

The process of creating a quality home gym can be intimidating and costly. If you don’t have a good strategy, you could spend too much money and occupy a lot of space in your house. The most important factors you should consider when buying a home gym are below.

Build Quality

All-in-one home gyms might be pricey, but ongoing maintenance and equipment replacements are more expensive. Consider purchasing items with a sturdy steel frame that will last a long time. The equipment in a commercial gym will be made of steel that is at least 12 gauge. However, a commercial-grade home gym machine is now available from a number of the companies listed above in our list of the best home gyms.

Spend money on high-quality equipment with substantial weight capacities rather than cheap machines and accessories. These premium home gyms can provide more features and functionality to optimize your training and encourage you to perform at your best.

If the multi-gym you’re thinking about purchasing comes with a lifetime warranty, there’s a good likelihood it was made with the best materials, and the firm stands behind its products. Remember that you only make this purchase once in your lifetime, so pick something durable that will last a lifetime and give you endless opportunities to exercise!


Knowing the dimensions of the space where the gym will be placed is one of the more important considerations when purchasing a home gym. The amount of room you have, the equipment’s footprint, and the ceiling height must all be considered.

For instance, consider a tiny all-in-one home gym or a smaller footprint if the space is limited. Or, if you’re building your home gym with a focus on strength training, a heavy-duty steel frame power rack with a weight bench should work well for exercises like the squat and bench press that require a lot of leg strength.

Fitness Goals

Different lifting methods and tools are needed for strength training and muscle building, which are not precisely the same things. Some people can get by with a bench and squat rack with some weight plates and a barbell to get more robust in the main compound exercises. In contrast, others who want to build a specific muscle group benefit more from using an exercise machine with more training possibilities.

Consider a power rack or squat rack with a barbell and weight plates if you want to lift more than a few hundred pounds for any given exercise. If not, a multi-purpose home gym machine may be sufficient for full-body exercises that can help you gain muscle but not a lot of strength and power.

Online Ratings

Checking the reviews of other customers who have purchased the same thing is one of the wisest ways to determine whether a product is good. These evaluations provide insightful advice from users who have tried the product, making it simpler to assess whether it is worthwhile to consider.

It’s likely a fantastic product if the reviews are overwhelmingly favorable. If most reviews are unfavorable, moving on to a different product is preferable. It’s crucial to realize that not all online ratings and reviews are entirely accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How Much Space Does The All In One Exercise Machine Require?

The kind of machine you select will determine this. While some machines are more lightweight and portable, others need more room to operate effectively. To be sure a machine will fit in your home, check the dimensions before making a purchase.

2) Does An All In One Gym Machine Perform Well For Strength Training?

Yes, using all-in-one machines to build strength is possible if the proper technique and regimen are used. If you’re unsure how to operate the machine correctly, get advice from a trained fitness expert.


Now that you are prepared to decide, you now have all the knowledge you require to decide which all-in-one gym equipment to buy, thanks to this review of the top models on the market. You now have the opportunity to take action.

All-in-one exercise machines can be a terrific option for people who want to perform a thorough strength training regimen in the convenience of their own homes. When selecting your equipment, consider quality, size, price, and warranty; doing so will help you locate the ideal answer for your requirements.

Additionally, ensure to continuously operate the device safely and pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. You may select the best all-in-one exercise equipment for you by considering all of these elements.

We’re confident you’ll locate the ideal home gym equipment for your space by utilizing the list above as a jumping-off point. Best of luck!

If you’re on a bit more of a budget, check out our list for the best budget home gym equipment.