5 Best Quiet Treadmills {2023 Buying Guide}

Are you looking to get a quiet treadmill for your needs? Choosing the best quiet treadmill is not difficult because we are here to assist you. You can choose the best treadmill and achieve the desired outcomes with reliable, understandable information about all the options.

This post will discuss some of the top treadmills designed to be very quiet.

It makes sense to desire a quiet home treadmill if you’re thinking about acquiring one. After all, you’re probably exercising in your house with family members who might prefer not to be bothered.

That might not be doable on a noisy treadmill. The next step is selecting the best quiet treadmill for use in apartments.

Top 5 Best Quiet Treadmills In 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the top five quiet treadmills available on the market. The ideal model for your unique needs should be easy to locate with the help of this guide.

Let’s get started.

1.      3g Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill


EliteRunner Treadmill Image

The size of this jogging belt will be recognized by those who require a more spacious running surface. Despite its strength, the treadmill is gentle.

On this treadmill, the 62 x 22-inch running belt provides enough space for runners of all heights to take their full stride.

This treadmill is perfect for all serious runners because it has a 400-pound weight limit, a top speed of 12 mph, a 15-percent inclination, and Ortho Flex Shock suspension technology.

You can work out hard thanks to the 4.0 HP motor’s strength. For such a good motor, it is remarkably quiet.

Additionally, the suspension system significantly reduces the impact of the foot hit, reducing the noise produced when your shoes contact the deck.

You can listen to your music using the built-in speakers and music ports while running to keep yourself motivated. You can also employ coaching packages and pre-loaded fitness tests to accomplish your running goals.

This treadmill is spacious and gentle. It is silent and can be used by runners of different heights and weights.

This treadmill occupies a good amount of room. It doesn’t fold to save space and isn’t appropriate for tiny places. Additionally, it weighs 366 lbs.

Pros & Cons

  • The 4.0 HP motor enables you to utilize the 12 mph top speed to the fullest extent.
  • Music connections and built-in speakers for creating a personalized training music
  • It may take two or more people to move because of how heavy it is


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2.      Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 8730G

SunnyHealth Treadmill Image

The Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna 8730G, an Amazon’s Choice product, is a top selection for the best tiny treadmill for apartments. With a speed range and medium power engine, this portable, foldable treadmill will have you walking or jogging to your heart’s content. Your time, distance, speed, calories, and step count are tracked digitally across four valuable windows.

Quick speed buttons can help you move quickly, and the spacious, shock-absorbing surface softens each step. You are protected with a folding key and an emergency stop clip. Thanks to the media port hub and built-in speakers, you can stay inspired while exercising and listening to your running music.

There are built-in floor stabilizers and transportation wheels for your convenience and safety. The Asuna does fold flat, making it simple to store your model once you’re done. Despite the Asuna 8730 G’s simple setup and manufacture, several consumers have noted that the motor skips when traveling at high speeds.

Pros & Cons

  • Built-in speakers
  • Folding model
  • Quick speed buttons
  • The motor can skip during use


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3.      Horizon Fitness T101

Horizon Fitness Treadmill Image

The quietest treadmill for apartments on this list is the Horizon Fitness T101. This robust and long-lasting model includes a large cushioned deck and several useful extra features to keep you moving.

The three-zone variable cushioning on most Horizon treadmills mimics a natural run while safeguarding your joints.

The T101 efficiently keeps up with you and your workout regimen, with a top speed of 10 miles per hour and a top incline of 10%. There are enough online workouts to keep you motivated, even though only five options exist.

The Rapid Charge USB port makes sure that your electronics stay up with you while the tablet rack and bottle holder keep your needs close at hand. Anyone wishing to reduce their electricity bill can use the energy-saving option. A tiny fan keeps you cool no matter how tough your workouts are.

A safety key aids in preventing any accidents, and heart rate monitoring is offered. The T101 is a heavy machine, and some people could find it challenging to move.

Pros & Cons

  • Cushioned deck
  • Folding model
  • Tablet rack and bottle holder
  • Rapid Charge USB
  • Energy saver mode
  • Heavy


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4.      XTERRA Fitness TR150

XTERRA Fitness Treadmill Image

The TR150, an Amazon’s Choice product, provides 12 pre-set routines and a wide non-slip belt to keep your workout interesting.

The three inclination levels advance you toward your objectives, while the XTRA Soft-cushioning safeguards your joints. For your convenience, a big five-inch LCD screen records your speed, incline, time, calories burned, and distance traveled. It also includes a pulse function.

Various accessory holders keep necessities close by, like your phone, water bottle, audio player, and remote control. The built-in device holder is positioned at an angle that is simple to read to make watching movies, live news broadcasts, or exercises more comfortable. It only takes a few seconds to fold this little apartment treadmill upright for storage.

Pros & Cons

  • 12 pre-set programs
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Foldable upright
  • Various accessory holders
  • Cushioned deck
  • Short warranty for motor, parts, and labor


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5.    Exerpeutic 5000 ExerWork 20″ Wide Belt Desk Treadmill

Woman working on treadmillThe Exerpeutic is more similar to a treadmill for walking than for running, yet it allows for sprinting at a top speed of 8 mph. The size, rpm, calories expended, and elapsed time are displayed on a 5-inch LCD screen with clear lighting.

With eight shock absorbers to soften the impact, the deck has a wide surface. The device also has three exercise aim settings and 12 pre-programmed routines. The handlebars give traction when walking. Additionally, it contains simple-to-use buttons for starting and ending your workout and altering your tempo.

You may watch a program or listen to music while exercising with twin stereo speakers. With its “silent drive” and 2.0 HP engine, it has no noise while you exercise.

The air piston will assist you in folding the deck up after you have completed exercising. The built-in wheel makes it easy to move it out of the way. Additionally, it has a 90-day parts warranty, a 5-year engine warranty, and a 3-year frame warranty.

Even with its excellent characteristics, the only incline was 6%, which some runners might not find sufficiently challenging.

Pros & Cons

  • Time is displayed on a 5-inch LCD screen with a clear lighting
  • Built-in wheel
  • 90-day parts warranty, a 5-year engine warranty, and a 3-year frame warranty
  • It has only had a 6 percent incline


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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Quiet Treadmill

If you live in an apartment, invest in a quiet treadmill to avoid upsetting your family and neighbors. The qualities to seek in a quiet treadmill are listed below:

Cushioned Deck

Your feet striking the treadmill deck generate some noise, partially muffled by the cushioned surface. Additionally, it helps to relieve joint pressure.

The treadmill may have foam rollers underneath the belt to reduce noise or rubberized pads inside the belt.


A belt-drive system with a low-noise belt produces the least amount of noise. TPU belts are a strong, silent, and long-lasting option.

Construction and Size

The size and quality of quiet treadmills are frequently inferior to those of commercial treadmills with larger, noisier engines. This is convenient if you have a little area to store it in, but it can prevent taller runners from taking a full stride.

Motor Noise

Naturally, a quiet treadmill’s noise level is its most crucial feature. This is generated by the motor, which can be between 45 and 70 decibels.

Your refrigerator’s volume of sound when it hums is 50 decibels. When noise reaches 70 decibels, it transitions from background noise to more audible.

Be aware that even though the motor noise may be minimal, running will nonetheless cause the sound of your feet striking the belt.

Sturdy Base and Stabilizers     

Stabilizers on the bottom of treadmills may typically be adjusted to ensure the machine is stable on the ground. You might hear them rattling when you run if they’re of poor quality.

So that they have less chance of adding to the noise, make sure the base and stabilizers are solid and high-quality.

Even if the treadmill is already solid on the floor without needing to adjust the stabilizers, be careful to check them to ensure that none are loose and rattling.

Weight Capacity

You should be aware that since they are constructed with lighter materials, treadmills designed to be quieter could have a lesser weight capacity than others. The typical weight capacity of a treadmill is between 300 and 400 lbs, but be sure before you buy.

Incline Range

The treadmill’s motor may experience some strain due to the inclination feature, raising the noise level. However, many treadmills come with incline settings to make your workout more complex and make a relatively quiet sound.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Look for a treadmill with Bluetooth connectivity if you want to link your phone, smart TV, or other gadgets.

Some more advanced products support ANT+ connectivity for heart rate monitor use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on The Best Quiet Treadmill

1) Do I Need To Set Down A Mats Under The Treadmill?

Placing a mat under your treadmill has many advantages, including lengthening its lifespan, safeguarding your flooring, and helping to absorb the impact of your runs, which will also make the treadmill quieter.

Your treadmill can lurch forward across the surface while you’re running or working out in intervals. It would be more stable and immobile if a treadmill mat were used.

The mat will also aid in keeping dust from getting to the treadmill’s motor if you plan to leave your treadmill in one location.

2) How Much Noise Does A Treadmill Make?

The average treadmill noise ranges from 50 to 70 decibels; even walking on the treadmill will produce noises between 42 and 57 decibels. As our decibel range is from 0 to over 140 dB, this will make it audible to the human ear. The louder the sound, the greater the decibel.

A noise level of 40 dB is comparable to a calm environment with background noise. Your refrigerator’s noise is 50 dB or decibels. Sounds change from background noise to louder, more noticeable sounds as you reach 70 dB.

3) What Maintenance Measures Can I Take To Keep My Treadmill In Good Shape?

Your model will operate at peak performance for a long time if you regularly clean, examine, and lubricate it following the manual’s instructions.


More and more people are opting to at-home workouts to save time and avoid going to the gym as daily life becomes more practical. Home workouts require a treadmill, but not all treadmills are suitable for use in the house.

Our buying guide has given you enough knowledge to select the best treadmill. If noise levels are your primary concern, any of these five treadmills will satisfy you because they are among the quietest models on the market. You will soon profit from tackling your workout goals simultaneously!

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