The 9 Best Olympic Barbells for 2023 {Buying Guide}

Finding the best Olympic barbell can be a challenging task. This is because you have to consider many factors like knurling, spin, finish, and other important factors. This is why we created this post to help you narrow down your search.

A barbell is the most adaptable piece of equipment in any commercial or home gym. However, there are now hundreds of companies making thousands of various barbells as a result of the exponential increase in both barbell training and home gyms.

There’s both positives and negatives to this. It’s advantageous since many options are available for enhancing your bench press, deadlift, and squat, as well as other general training motions and Olympic lifts.

It’s negative since it’s now more difficult to choose which Olympic barbell is the best and where to spend your hard-earned money.

In response, we are here. We hope that this guide will assist you in locating the top Olympic bar for 2022.

9 Best Olympic Barbells

This post will review some of the top recommended Olympic barbells that are ideal for any gym. We tested all of them to ensure you do not make an expensive mistake investing in any of the barbells we share today.

Without wasting much time, let us get right into it.

1.  Best Multipurpose Barbell: Rogue Fitness Ohio Bar

best olympic barbell


The Ohio Bar has all the necessary components to make an exceptional barbell: a 16.4-in loadable sleeve, a 28.5mm shaft, dual knurl markings, and a 190,000 PSI tensile strength (which increases to 200,000 if you purchase the stainless steel version).

Without fear of bending or warping, you can load it heavily. It performs just as well when dropped repeatedly from above (which is what we did).

Additionally, more finish options are available for the Ohio Bar, including the Rogue Fitness Stainless Steel Ohio Bar and the Rogue Ohio Bar – Cerakote.

The Ohio Bar can be used for CrossFit, weightlifting, and general exercise. Although the lack of center knurling may irritate some powerlifters, it also makes the barbell perfect for all-around use.

However, the remaining knurling is only medium to slightly passive. The bar has an excellent grip when covered in chalk, but it won’t rip your hands to pieces.

Additionally, the knurling extends to the collar, which is perfect for those who require the full length due to long arms, mobility issues, or other reasons.

One of the reasons Rogue barbells consistently rank at the top of my list is the nearly universal lifetime warranties that the company backs. In general, Rogue produces the best-value barbells anywhere in the world.

Pros & Cons

  • 190K PSI high tensile strength
  • Lifetime warranty from Rogue
  • a variety of finish options
  • Excellent value for only $300.
  • Depending on the finish choice, knurling can feel a little light.
  • End caps are prone to scuffing.
  • Version with a chrome finish is not ideal for multipurpose use.


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2.  Best Budget Olympic Barbell: Fringe Sport Wonder Bar

Best Budget Olympic Barbell


Fringe Sport is one of the best companies for finding high-quality, reasonably priced home gym equipment; they have consistently improved the features and product quality of their barbells while keeping the price low.

We recommend the Fringe Sport Wonder Bar if you’re looking for something less expensive than the Rogue Ohio Bar.

It includes bronze bushings, a slightly smaller 28mm shaft with a tensile strength rating of 205,000 PSI, and black zinc-coated sleeves.

The Wonder Bar also has one of my favorite end caps out of all the barbells we tested, which isn’t saying much, given that the majority of businesses in this price range use stickers.

Overall, the Wonder Bar is a solidly built bar from a manufacturer known for producing high-quality products at affordable prices.

A Wonder Bar Stainless Steel Barbell is also available from Fringe Sport for about $300.

The Wonder Bar’s tensile strength of 205,000 PSI is one of its most noteworthy characteristics.

The current state of the barbell industry, which is an arms race to have the cheapest bar with the highest tensile strength, can be seen in the fact that you can buy a barbell for $200 with a tensile strength of over 200,000 PSI.

Remember that a barbell with higher tensile strength is not necessarily “better.” A bar with higher tensile strength will frequently be stronger, but it will also frequently be stiffer.

I will admit that the sleeves’ black zinc coating and smaller 28mm shaft makes them less than ideal for most trainees.

Although we don’t think Fringe Sport is as capable of honoring warranties as Rogue Fitness, we still trust them. The Wonder Bar does come with a lifetime warranty.

The Rogue 2.0 is described as having a “good whip,” whereas the Wonder Bar is described as being “stiff.” This is not absolute, and most people will never use a whip that is useful because it is not powerful enough.

Whatever the case, perceived whip shouldn’t be a major consideration when choosing a barbell because neither I nor anyone else has been able to measure it accurately.

The black zinc coating on the sleeves of the Wonder Bar is one aspect that can be problematic. The sleeves of a bar receive much more abuse than the shaft, which is why black zinc is a good coating for them.

However, after just a few sessions, you’ll see unsightly marks on the sleeves.

Pros & Cons

  • Lifetime warranty on bronze bushings
  • Tensile strength: 205K PSI
  • Available in 20kg and 15kg weights
  • Black zinc coating on 28mm shaft sleeves
  • An especially “tough” bar


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3.  Best Barbell for Weightlifting: Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar

best olympic barbell


Weightlifting competitors are already aware of the two things Eleiko denotes: high caliber and high cost.

The gold standard for everything weightlifting, including belts, is pretty much Eleiko. And by “gold standard,” I mean that you might need some gold to purchase this bar.

While I wouldn’t say they are overpriced, they can be costly compared to some of their rivals.

On the other hand, the Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar is it if you have the cash and want, arguably, the nicest International Weightlifting Federation-certified barbell.

Yes, it has the standard features of a great Olympic barbell, including a lifetime warranty, a 415mm loadable sleeve, an IWF marking, and a 28mm shaft.

But the fact that it is made of 215,000 PSI Swedish steel is what you need to know. You can exert considerable weight on it without the bar being permanently damaged, but it is not indestructible.

If you compete in the Olympic lifts, the barbell also has German needle bearings, which increase spin. Because they enable a smooth spin on the bar and, if packed properly, can last a long time, needle bearings are ideal.

Additionally, Eleiko uses one of the best waffle knurl patterns in the business. When lifting with an Eleiko, most people eventually try to figure out how to get one for themselves.

The price of this bar, which rings at more than $1,000, is the main complaint many other hard-working people and I have with it.

That much cheddar is a lot. However, you also get a great bar and the ability to claim ownership of an Eleiko.

Pros & Cons

  • IWF accredited
  • Outstanding needle-bearing spin
  • Continual guarantee
  • Available in 20kg and 15kg weights
  • Angular knurling
  • Has a knurled center


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4.  Best Safety Squat Bar: Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2

Best Olympic Barbell


However, the Titan Safety Squat Bar V2 has completely salvaged the company’s reputation, and this sturdy bar is now at the top of our list of the best safety squat bars. It has thick padding, thick steel, and a 22-degree camber angle.

I adore the EliteFTS Safety Squat Yoke Bar, and Titan Fitness has essentially copied it. It is more expensive than the Titan variant, though.

Additionally, Titan offers even more affordable safety squat bars, but I don’t like cheap bars because they can whip excessively, use subpar padding, or have an unfavorable camber angle.

The Titan V2’s thick vinyl padding should be more rip-resistant than the less expensive stuff. This bar’s Olympic sleeve is fantastic because not all trap bars use them.

The thick vinyl padding on the Titan V2 should be more rip-resistant than the thin padding. I appreciate that this bar uses an Olympic sleeve that accepts collars of all sizes (not all trap bars are like that).

Additionally, the bar handles are detachable, allowing you to use it for exercises like presses and curls. The bar might not be necessary in the end, but I think it’s nice to have the choice.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent padding
  • Camber angle of 22 degrees
  • High-quality steel
  • Handle removal is possible.
  • Titan Fitness occasionally has issues with its customers.
  • One-year guarantee


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5.  Best CrossFit Barbell for Women: Rogue Bella Bar 2.0

best olympic barbell


I’d like to offer you the 15kg Rogue Ohio Bar if you’re interested in a 20kg option: The updated Bella Bar.

The Bella is one of the best barbells for CrossFit, and it’s stocked in CrossFit gyms all over the world for a good reason—you can use it for weightlifting, powerlifting, and more!

It’s true that I say this bar is the best “for women,” but it’s also excellent for young athletes or men who prefer a smaller grip.

Compared to 20kg bars, most 15kg bars have a 25mm shaft, which is thinner. Less loadable space on the sleeve length is another drawback of the smaller design, but for most of us, that isn’t a problem.

With dual knurl marks for Olympic and powerlifting, no center knurl, bronze bushings, and 190,000 PSI tensile strength, the Bella is designed specifically as a multipurpose bar. The Bella Bar (with bumper plates) can be dropped without any issues.

The Bella’s availability in so many different finishes, including E-coat, black zinc, and stainless steel, is, in my opinion, one of its appeals. Along with various colors, the cerakote finish is also available in “sponsored” bars that CrossFit powerhouses Tia Clair-Toomey and Katrin Davidsdottir support.

Negative aspects include some users finding the knurling a little too passive (but it works fine with chalk). Powerlifters might not appreciate the lack of a center knurling either.

Pros & Cons

  • Numerous options for the outcome
  • 25mm shaft with 190K PSI tensile strength
  • Markings on both knurls
  • Knurling is largely inactive.
  • No center knurling, black zinc coating that will tarnish over time


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6.  Best Value Barbell for Weightlifting: American Barbell Training Bar


best olympic barbell


We believe that American Barbell deserves a lot more love than it currently receives. Their attention to detail is exceptional, and almost all of their equipment is made in the USA.

One of the best Olympic barbells available anywhere is the American Barbell Training Bar.

It has excellent medium-depth knurling that holds chalk securely. And the silence is startling. When I first used an Eleiko, I was astounded by how quiet it was when dropped.

In terms of noise reduction, the American Barbell Training Bar is on par with Eleiko, demonstrating great attention to detail.

I discovered that this bar works well for powerlifting, weightlifting, and barbell cycling if you’re a CrossFitter. It also has a lifetime warranty and is entirely made in the United States.

We have tested and reviewed the AB Training Bar for more than three years, and we still adore it today. This is a superb all-purpose barbell.

However, I will admit that there was some surface rust on the bar (which can happen to bars that aren’t kept in climate-controlled environments).

For an additional $25, we advise purchasing the American Barbell Cerakote Mammoth bar version if you want better corrosion resistance.

Pros & Cons

  • Moderately deep knurling
  • Finished in hard chrome
  • Eleiko’s 20kg and 15kg options have a lifetime warranty, but they cost about one-third as much.
  • Chrome plating and corrosion are risk factors for early damage.
  • Knurling will be too passive for some because the rotation system takes a while to break in.


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7.  Best Barbell on Amazon: CAP OB-86B Beast Barbell

Best Olympic Barbell


Going to Amazon and ordering the Cap Barbell OB-86B might be the best course of action if all you want is a barbell, and you want it now. Its moniker, “The Beast,” is well-deserved, given how much it can take.

Although I have used it for other exercises, this is not my go-to barbell. This is partially due to my speciality bars for squatting, snatching, and deadlifting.

Consider this Cap bar to be among the best sub-$150 options available. It has medium-sized knurling and a bushing rotation system.

Although the black oxide finish isn’t of the highest quality, it does provide some corrosion resistance. Yes, there are a few dings and some surface rust, but that is to be expected at this price point.

It’s a decent barbell, in all honesty, but the price is what makes it the best one on Amazon. You also receive free shipping and free returns, which is fantastic for a bar.

Additionally, it has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.7/5 rating. That is significant.

Pros & Cons

  • Under $150 Price with Free Shipping and Returns
  • It is durable
  • It is affordable
  • It is ideal for many exercises
  • 110KPSI tensile strength for a 30mm grip
  • Phosphate black paint


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8.  Best Power Bar: Rogue Fitness Ohio Power Bar

best olympic barbell


Although we have used many power bars, we knew the Ohio Power Bar would rank at the top of our list of the best barbells for powerlifting the moment we got hold of it.

In the short time since its release in 2014, this barbell has established some sort of renown among powerlifters.

This bar will quickly give you the impression that you can squat more, bench more easily, and train your deadlift more effectively.

In our opinion, the best power bar for any strength level has been produced by Rogue using its extensive manufacturing capacity, meticulous attention to detail, and capacity to produce market-leading products at affordable prices. If you’re a novice learning how to squat, deadlift,

We believe that Rogue has produced the best power bar for any strength level by combining its considerable manufacturing capacity, meticulous attention to detail, and capacity to produce market-leading products at competitive prices.

The Rogue, Ohio Power Bar, is capable of withstanding any workload, regardless of your experience with the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

The knurling on a power bar is the component that needs the most attention, and many people we polled agreed that the Ohio Power Bar has some of the best-feeling knurlings on the market. Despite being aggressive, it is not piercing due to its volcanic design.

The Ohio Power Bar’s shaft measures 29mm, which has become the norm for power bars for a good reason.

A stiffer bar is produced by a thicker shaft. Compared to a 28mm or 28.5mm barbell, a 29mm shaft will cause significantly less whip at heavier weights (which is why squat bars are 32mm). A 0.5mm larger diameter may not seem like much, but it does matter.

The Rogue OPB is so well-liked that it triumphed in a recent Instagram bracket we ran that attracted more than 100,000 entries.

We’re not the only ones who adore this bar; the home gym community considers it the best powerlifting barbell.

Pros & Cons

  • The best volcanic knurling available.
  • Design with snap rings and bronze bushings
  • Various shaft coatings are available.
  • 31 mm shaft
  • Tensile strength: 205K PSI (not the highest, but still good)
  • Plated in chrome sleeves
  • Choose stainless steel over versions made of raw steel and black zinc.


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9.  Best Hex Bar for the Money: Titan Fitness Olympic Hex Bar

Best Olympic Barbell Hex Barbell


Our list of the best trap bars includes the Titan Fitness Olympic Hex Bar because of its low price and high quality. We’ve used it for a while—I should say, we’ve abused it—and I still think most people would benefit from it.

Although the Titan model of this trap bar costs less than $270, it is significantly more affordable than the higher-end bars. Thanks to the matte black powder coating, it should withstand some wear and tear and early rusting.

Unfortunately, the sleeves are also powder-coated, so loading Olympic plates will severely damage them. The knurling on the high handle is a little bit aggressive, in my opinion.

The knurling is something that other users who have used it have mentioned they like.

Sadly, the lower handle is not knurled, which seems strange given that it will be used frequently.

Another minor complaint is that this isn’t a trap bar that can be stacked in most squat racks. However, you could use it in conjunction with safety bars or straps.

Pros & Cons

  • An affordable price
  • Black matte powder coating
  • Ideally knurled
  • One-year guarantee
  • The bottom handle has no knurling.
  • Some reviews claim it can’t be stacked.


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Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Olympic Barbell

Here are some of the important factors you need to keep in mind:

  • Knurling

The knurling ought to be even and not excessively rough. When using chalk, a medium knurl will provide good traction.

Although great for powerlifting, most people do not require a center knurl. The reason is that when used for front squats and power cleans, it will cause the body’s neck and chin area to become rough.

  • Spin

Due to cost and for use on lifts like the squat and bench press where excessive spin isn’t always desired, the rotation system should be a bushing system. Instead of coming to a sudden stop, the spin should slow down and be consistent.

  • Finish

The barbell should be finished in some way to guard against oxidation, such as surface rust.

  • Warranty

Manufacturers of barbells now routinely offer lifetime warranties. A lifetime warranty, however, is of little use if the company providing it is no longer in business to provide maintenance services.

  • Price

The cost should be reasonable given the features provided. Value is more important than a low sticker price, and we have discovered no justification for spending more than $400 on a barbell for general use.

Spending more than $400 might be better if you want a specialized Olympic weightlifting barbell or powerlifting barbell, but not for the general purpose category.

  • Tensile Strength of Steel

The steel used should have a minimum tensile strength of 130K PSI, ideally much higher (around 190K). Use a 130K PSI barbell only if you don’t intend to use more than 500 lbs on it. This is a lot higher than what the majority of people typically lift.


Most individuals should visit the Rogue Ohio Bar, in my opinion. It is a multipurpose bar that costs half as much as barbells with comparable specifications, has respectable but not overly aggressive knurling, and smooth-spinning composite bushings in the sleeves.

My #1 power bar option is the Rogue Ohio Power bar because of its tensile strength, volcano knurl, and low cost.

This bar is perfect for you if you want a more aggressive knurl and do not plan to perform any Olympic weightlifting or CrossFit lifts.

We hope this post helped you find the best Olympic barbell for the money. You can also check the Top 8 Best Curl Bars {Buying Guide}

Video Review

Here is a video review of the best Olympic barbell: