Top 6 Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet [2023 Buying Guide]

Are you in the market for the best tennis shoes for flat feet? The ideal tennis shoes for flat feet can keep you comfy and pain-free on and off the field.

If you have flat feet, you have probably gotten a lot of contradictory shoe recommendations. Some recommend wearing shoes with a lot of arch support, while others suggest the reverse.

In reality, the solution is more complicated. We have compiled some valuable facts on flat feet in this piece and reviewed our top picks for the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

All of the shoes we have reviewed in this post offer either adequate arch support, a wider fit to accept orthotics, or both. Read on to find out why or whether these traits are significant in your context.

When deciding on the best shoe for your needs, it is crucial to understand that there are two sorts of flat feet.

Some people have flat feet because they are physiologically flat, while others have “collapsed arches” because of muscle weakness. In other terms, some people are born with flat feet, while others can strengthen their feet by adding arch support.

Flat feet should never prevent you from participating in the sports and activities you enjoy. Choose from the best tennis shoes for flat feet that provide adequate support.

Furthermore, all of the shoes in our review offer either moderate to high arch support, a wider fit to allow orthotics or both. This makes them ideal for flat feet due to fallen arches.

So, let us get started on our shoe reviews without further ado.

6 Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet – 2022 Reviews

If you do not mind how they perform on the field, here are the finest tennis shoes for flat feet.

1.    ASICS Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 3

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat FeetThe Gel-Solution Speed 3 shoes from ASICS are at the top of this list. These flat feet tennis shoes, which feature a gel-based outsole and a wide-arched design, not only support flat feet but also give a smart, ultra-cushioned inner to eliminate overpronation issues and boost your tennis play.

The Gel-Solution Speed 3 shoes have a synthetic textile upper and a plain white fabric. It is overlaid with fabric stripes that create a breathable mesh pattern on top of the shoe.

The inner is fitted with Flexion Fit technology, which allows it to mold to the shape of the feet. Mushy net cushioning is put along the shoe collar and base for increased support. The insole is constructed of soft textile and is attached to the shoe.

For optimal cushioning, an innovative gel-cushioning system is located beneath the insole. To reduce weight, the midsole of these best men’s tennis shoes for flat feet is built on ASICS’s signature Solyte composition. It has a robust design and is positioned to provide maximum arch support.

Finally, the soling is a modified rubber with a carved unique traction pattern.

Key Features

  • Synthetic textile upper and a plain white fabric
  • Innovative gel-cushioning system
  • Ultra-cushioned inner


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2.   Looney Tunes Club C 85 Shoes

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet

The Looney Tunes Club C 85 Shoes is one of the best tennis shoes available on the market today. It is available in nine different colors. 

This shoe features a rubber midsole that is comfortable for small feet. It is designed with durable leather to ensure it lasts for a long time.


  • Coated leather upper
  • Lace closure
  • Rubber midsole
  • High-abrasion-resistant rubber outsole


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3.    Babolat Propulse Fury All Court Flat Feet Shoes

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat FeetThis is unquestionably a top tennis shoe company, well-known for producing the best tennis shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis, and the Fury All court is no exception. It has a premium cell shield system that is ready to be durable while supercharging all flat-footed athletes!

The Propulse Fury shoes for flat feet have a flawless upper made of pure cloth. Its color palette spans a bold red-black to a white that can be customized.

A remarkable new feature dubbed ‘Active Flexion Technology’ is included in the upper and works to improve fitness and assist various flexion forms when playing tennis.

Furthermore, the Propulse Fury shoes feature a Babolat-exclusive technology known as the “cell shield system.”

It comprises a network of durability-enhancing ‘cells’ placed in strategic areas throughout the shoe to improve comfort and add an extra layer of protection.

Not only that, but the Michelin outsole of the Propulse Fury shoes incorporates a thick layer of resistance.

These flat feet tennis shoes come with a 6-month durability warranty covering the outsole so that you can rock the court all season long.

Key Features

  • Network of durability-enhancing ‘cells.’
  • A strong layer of resistance
  • Flawless upper made of pure cloth


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4.    K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women’s Flat Feet Shoes

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat FeetWith the Bigshot Light 3 sneakers launching, K-Swiss surprised the market. They have an advanced array of female-specific performance-enhancing features at a low cost, which is why they are still one of the finest tennis shoes for flat feet women.

The Bigshot Light 3 sneakers exude a simple, beautiful style in various light-toned colors. The upper is made of improved industrial fabric and reinforced with leather for extra durability.

For airflow, a mesh pattern is woven into the textile upper. From the neck to the forefoot, the shoes are lined with plush fabric on the inside. A leather structure is built into the shoe walls to safeguard the upper’s structural integrity.

Not just that, but the lacing of these great tennis shoes for flat feet is made of reinforced fabric and is holed in a characteristic full lacing pattern, ensuring complete support for flat feet. As a result, it is considered one of the best tennis shoes for ladies with flat feet.

The Bigshot Light 3 shoes include a dual component soling. The midsole has a CMEVA rubber structure for enhanced shock absorption and arch support, while the outsole has bi-density layers.

The upper layer is constructed of Aosta rubber to keep its shape, and the outer layer is made of Dragguard rubber to provide unrivaled protection. According to some, it will be one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet in 2022.

Key Features

  • Upper is made of improved industrial fabric and reinforced with leather
  • The outer layer is made of Dragguard rubber
  • The upper layer is constructed of Aosta rubber


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5.    Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoes Flat Feet

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat FeetThe Prince T22 shoes are up next on this list. They make the greatest men’s tennis shoe for flat feet thanks to an innovative new technology dubbed ‘Shock Eraser,’ which incorporates comfortable padding into the robust shoe shape.

The Prince T22 sneakers have a silver-white appearance with a mind-boggling set of highlights affixed on the inside. Their upper is composed entirely of manufactured materials and provides adaptability and flexibility. For increased ventilation, a mesh patch is stitched into the shoe front.

The shoes have been reinforced from within with TPU patches to increase stability. A large elastic insole sits on the shoe’s base, providing a significant amount of cushioning. The toe box is ergonomically constructed and coated with abrasion-resistant materials. As a result, the Prince T22 is regarded as one of the best tennis court shoes for flat feet in 2020.

The T22 shoes are also outfitted with a SoftSpring PU board to distribute shock over flat feet efficiently.

The Shock eraser innovation strengthens the soling of T22 sneakers. It is inserted into the heel and is designed to relieve excessive pressure during high-intensity tennis games. A Wishbone shank extends from the heel and provides multi-directional support.

T22 shoes for flat feet include an outsole made of PRC1000 elastic for improved grating on mud courts. It is also improved by the herringbone track design carved into it, which increases the footing control for tennis players.

Key Features

  • Silver-white appearance with a mind-boggling set of highlights affixed on the inside
  • Mesh patch
  • Large elastic insole


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6.    ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoe

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat FeetAnother ASICS product with an exclusive gel cushioning mechanism is the Gel-Challenger 12 shoes. They give unrivaled comfort and stress absorption, assuring the global industries that they are the best tennis trainers for flat feet.

These ASICS shoes are exquisitely constructed from pure cotton. The boots include a detachable sock liner and an Ortholite lining for health-conscious support.

The Gel-Challenger 12 shoes have a soling constructed of industrial rubber that has been upgraded with several technologies. The midsole is comprised of Solyte material, which reduces weight and improves shock absorption, to begin with.

The unique ASICS gel technology is tunneled into crucial pressure spots of the shoe, such as the forefoot and heel, to maximize comfort. The overall weight of the shoes is further reduced by an implanted Trusstic system within the sole structure. It is a comfortable tennis shoe for persons with flat feet.

Key Features

  • Exclusive gel cushioning mechanism
  • Constructed from pure cotton
  • Detachable sock liner and an Ortholite lining


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Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Please read through this list of points to consider before purchasing a tennis shoe; doing so will prevent you from injuries and a lack of stability, among other problems.

Arch Support

Indeed, “Best Shoe” is fiction; rather, it is all about identifying the compatible shoe based on the structure of the feet.

Flat feet typically necessitate less arch-supporting shoes to achieve optimal stability and agility. High-arch shoes have a lot of space in the midsole. As a result, doing high-impact maneuvers may cause pain.

Secured Lateral Support

Robust lateral support is required for flat feet to stabilize motions, particularly side-to-side footings. The shoe with appropriate stability provides the best lateral support and safely increases agility.

As a result, persons with weaker arch support should choose a shoe with credible lateral support.


The quality of the soles determines the shoe’s durability the most. Reputable manufacturers have created many condign technologies like PRINCE,  ASICS, and K-SWISS to provide long life to the sole.


Although flat feet lack proper arch support, they cause significant vibration when striking surfaces. As a result, you’ll need adequate support to survive and triumph over the hit.

Typically, a gel cushioning or reasonably firm footbed serves the job admirably. As a result, if you have flat feet, you should constantly look for shoes with enough padding. If you have previously had a less-cushioned shoe, you can utilize faithful Orthotic insoles.


Playing tennis with flat feet can be difficult, but your low arches do not have to impede your performance on the court. There are numerous options for finding the best tennis shoes for flat feet. Choosing the best brands with a “low” arch rating, on the other hand, is critical and, in our opinion, step number one.

Now that you have reached the end of this essay, hopefully, you have realized that if you play with the correct kind of court shoes, you can overcome the problems associated with flat feet. Among the possibilities we’ve given above, you should be able to discover a shoe that will finally cure the footwear troubles you have had in the past. You might even learn that the appropriate shoe can assist you in improving your game.

Ideally, you now have the information and shoe terminology to go out there and pick a shoe that suits your needs, ability level, and, most importantly, your foot shape.

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